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How to Find the Best Doctor For You

When you are trying to decide on what kind of doctor that you need for a particular problem first you have to think what kind of problem you have. So if you’re looking for a primary care doctor who is going to take care of you in general you want to look for a doctor that is well educated. So you want to check where they got their degrees from. That’s important. You want to get references and find out who else might be using that doctor and once you go see the doctor you should, in a sense, be evaluating them the way they’re evaluating you.

Do they seem to care about you? Do they empathize with you? Are you the center of the treatment? Patient-centered care is critical. So that’s really the start, particularly for a primary care doctor who is going to be your general doctor. If you have a serious problem, you have a serious cancer, you have serious forms of heart disease that are not responding to routine treatment or a mental illness or serious depression, you want to generally go to academic medical centers where the doctors not only read the books, they write the books, so you’re getting the most up-to-date care.

Dr. Dennis Charney has been named to the Best Doctors in America list every years since 1992. 

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