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Henry Rollins Once Penned A Letter To Young Americans. It’s Golden.

It’s worth listening to this self-described “Cranky old man” named Henry Rollins.

Henry Rollins kinda lucked into his chance at fame when his favorite band, Black Flag, discovered him and asked him to be their main singer. He also became a poet, writer, actor, comedian, publisher, and much more. As he says in a separate video, he was scooping ice cream for minimum wage when he got word of the audition. The rest, as they say, is history.

Rollins wrote a letter to young people a few years ago, imparting some advice that he learned along the way about why we need to keep working at life, even when it seems like others have more advantages than we might.

(OK, I might take a little exception there … some politicians, after all, don’t work very hard. Ahem.)

Penned in the beginning of the recovery from the Great Recession, when the future looked pretty bleak for a vast swath of our populace — but especially young people — it still applies today. 

See if you agree. 

And here’s part 2 of his message.

For more Big Think videos by Rollins, try here


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