Mike Parent has done a fantastic job this week of guest blogging. If you like what you've read from Mike, check out his blog, The Schoolhouse Dissident.

Jason Dyer will be my next guest blogger in 2008. I asked Jason for a short blurb about himself. Here's what he sent me:

Jason Dyer started out with a degree in Fine Arts Studies, intertwining music, media arts, and computer science. After the dot-com crash of 2000, he picked up a mathematics degree and now teaches high school in Arizona. He still has a soft spot for his multimedia roots and has movie posters hanging on his classroom wall. The school mascot is the Warriors and his normal blog of residence is The Number Warrior.

Jason has an ambitious series of posts for us next week and I'm looking forward to reading his thoughts on math, education, and leadership. If you're interested in being a guest blogger, let me know!