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Daylight Atheism Is Moving to Patheos

Good morning, everyone! It’s a fresh new year, and the winds of change are blowing once again.

This is my last post on Big Think. Effective immediately, Daylight Atheism is moving to Patheos. I’m proud to be the newest member of their fine and growing atheist channel, alongside such superlative writers as Hemant Mehta, JT Eberhard and Libby Anne. And yes, I know that Patheos has lots of religious content as well; so much the better! That just ensures I’ll have a never-ending source of fodder to write about.

Just as before, will soon redirect to the new site, which will be at the following URL:

If you’re still subscribed to the RSS feed from the original Daylight Atheism, that will also be redirected automatically. If you subscribed to this site’s RSS after my move to Big Think, please update your bookmarks with the feed’s new address:

I’d like to thank Big Think for hosting my blog over the past year, and for publishing my first book, which will continue to be available through them. They treated me well, and I’m appreciative of that. But the time has come for me to move on and join a community that’s a better fit for my interests and values. Whether you’ve been a reader all along, or whether you found me here at Big Think, I hope you’ll follow me to the new site at Patheos. See you there!


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