Announcing the CASTLE Advisory Board

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in serving on the CASTLE Advisory Board. We had many, many more applicants than we possibly could take. Although having too many people who are willing to serve is a wonderful problem to have as an organization, it also meant that we had to make some extremely difficult decisions. We will do our best to try and tap into everyone's expertise in other ways...

Below is our new advisory board. As you can see, we strove for diversity of thought, professional role, and geography. Many of the individuals below also are bloggers (which probably isn't too surprising).


  • Dave Dimmett (Indiana). Assistant Principal, Harrison High School, Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation.
  • Scott Elias (Colorado). Assistant Principal, Loveland High School, Thompson School District.
  • Greg Farr (Texas). Principal, Shannon Education Center, Birdville Independent School District. Alternative School Administrator of the Year, Texas Association of Alternative Education.
  • Dave Keane (Iowa). Principal, Keokuk High School, Keokuk Community School District.
  • Central office administrators

    • Barry Bachenheimer (New Jersey). Director of Instructional Services, Caldwell-West Caldwell Public Schools. Google Certified Teacher. Ercell Watson Award (Educator of the Year), Montclair State University.
    • Kurt Bernardo (Ohio). Technology coordinator, Orange City Schools. Ohio Technology Coordinator of the Year.
    • Dr. Greg Davis (Iowa). Executive Director, Management Support Services, Des Moines Public Schools. Co-chair, Consortium for School Networking CTO Council.
    • Dr. Shabbi Luthra (India). Director of Technology, American School of Bombay.
    • Andy Torris (China). Deputy Superintendent, Shanghai American School.
    • James Yap (New York). Director of Instructional Technology and Data Management, Ramapo Central School District.
    • Teachers

      • Clay Burell (South Korea). English / Social Studies teacher and technology coordinator, Korea International School. Apple Distinguished Educator.
      • Dan Meyer (California). Math teacher, San Lorenzo Valley High School, San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District. Cable industry Leader in Learning.
      • Ben Wilkoff (Colorado). Virtual resource teacher, eDCSD, Douglas County School District. Edutopia / Yahoo! National Totally Wired Teacher Award.
      • Media specialists / technology integrationists

        • Carolyn Foote (Texas). Librarian, Westlake High School, Eanes Independent School District.
        • Tim Stahmer (Virginia). Instructional technology specialist, Fairfax County Public Schools.
        • Higher education

          • Dr. Jon Becker (Virginia). Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, Virginia Commonwealth University.
          • Dr. Michael McVey (Michigan), Assistant Professor, Educational Media and Technology, Eastern Michigan University.
          • Dr. David Quinn (Florida). Assistant Professor, Educational Administration and Policy, University of Florida.
          • National, international, and other organizations

            • Rowland Baker (California). Assistant Superintendent, Santa Cruz County Office of Education. Co-director, Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership.
            • Dr. Stuart Ciske (Wisconsin). Educational consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.
            • Dr. Ann Flynn (District of Columbia). Director, Education Technology, National School Boards Association.
            • Wes Fryer (Oklahoma). Director of Education Advocacy (PK-20), AT&T. Apple Distinguished Educator.
            • Doug Levin (District of Columbia). Senior Director, Education Policy, Cable in the Classroom. Treasurer, Partnership for 21st Century Skills.
            • Sylvia Martinez (California). President, Generation YES.
            • Ewan McIntosh (Scotland). National Adviser: Learning and Technology Futures, Learning and Teaching Scotland.
            • Erin Reilly (Massachusetts). Research Director, Project New Media Literacies, MIT Comparative Media Studies. National School Boards Association 20 to Watch. Cable industry Leader in Learning.
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