THE TERMINATOR FRAMES HIS ENVIRONMENTALISM IN PUBLIC HEALTH TERMS: Says He Is No "Tree Hugger;" Compares Calif.'s Lead on Global Warming to the State's Role in Popularizing Bodybuilding

The Washington Post chronicles Arnold Schwarzenegger's efforts to frame his environmentalism in "public health" terms. The Governerator explains his position in ways only he can. For example, he compares California's lead on global warming to the state's pivotal role in popularizing bodybuilding back in the 1970s.

With Senators Boxer and Feinstein pitching Federal legislation modeled after California, Schwarzenegger says he is ready to travel to DC to testify in support of the bill, creating a possible major showdown with the Bush administration.

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Politics & Current Affairs
  • The minimum wage debate rages on
  • The same study authors in 2017 famously argued that raising the wage to $15/hr. in Seattle and Tacoma actually cost jobs
  • This study says something else, though study authors are quick to say they don't necessarily contradict each other. Ummm ...
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White House slams socialism in new report

The 72-page report makes a case against modern policy proposals like "Medicare for All" and free college tuition.

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Politics & Current Affairs
  • The report comes from the White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), which is run by professional economists.
  • It attempts to make direct connections between modern-day progressives and past socialist figures like Stalin and Mao.
  • The report comes in the wake of other explicitly anti-socialist sentiments expressed by the Trump administration.
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