On January 4, the National Academies will release its revised and updated report on Science, Evolution, & Creationism. After the news conference that day, the booklet and brochure will be available for purchase or for free electronic download here. A description is below:

Science, Evolution, and Creationism

This completely updated edition of the landmark booklet Science and Creationism is written for anyone who wants to learn more about the science of evolution. It provides a succinct overview of the many recent advances from the fossil record, molecular biology, and a new field known as evolutionary-developmental biology that have yielded important, new, and overwhelming evidence for evolution. It makes clear that the study of evolution remains one of the most active, robust, and far-reaching fields in all of modern science.

However, controversies about teaching evolution continue in the United States. Recently some opponents of evolution have supported introducing a form of creationism known as "intelligent design" into public school science classes or have argued that science teachers should encourage "critical thinking" by discussing "controversies" surrounding evolution.

This book provides clear explanations and intriguing examples that emphasize the strength of the science of evolution and the lack of scientific controversy surrounding whether evolution has and is continuing to occur. It is an excellent resource for understanding how evolution is central to many other areas of science and why evolution and not creationism should be taught in the science classroom.