Over at the blog Nanopublic, Dietram Scheufele, a professor of communication at the University of Wisconsin, has posted a very useful discussion of our Science Policy forum article.

Scheufele, one of the most widely cited scholars on framing and the media, recently co-edited a special issue on the subject at the Journal of Communication. I encourage readers to check out Scheufele's blog post, along with his article in the special issue of JoC.

I also encourage readers to check out the following study published at Public Opinion Quarterly by Vince Price, Lilach Nir, and Joe Capella at the University of Pennsylvania. The literature review is perhaps the best introduction to research on framing and media influence. Moreover, the innovative research design incorporates the strengths of experimental, focus group, and survey methods. As I've discussed with several colleagues, this type of design might be uniquely suited for evaluating how media frames and interpersonal conversations shape public opinion about controversial areas of science.