Fall and Winter Speaking Engagements: New York, DC, Columbus, & San Diego

On Thursday, Dec. 4, I will be speaking at the New York Academy of Sciences, located on the 40th floor of World Trade Center #7.

It's a busy academic year, with several upcoming speaking engagements. Below are the dates and venues that are scheduled. I hope to see and meet blog readers at these events!

02.10.09 American Museum of Natural History
Panel on communicating about climate change.

12.04.08 New York Academy of Sciences
Lecture on "Communicating Science in a Changing World"

11.17.08 AAAS Fellows, Washington DC.
Invite only presentation to current and former scientist policy fellows.

10.28.08 American Public Health Association, San Diego.
Panel presentation on media coverage of the public health implications of climate change.

10.12.08 John Glenn Public Policy Institute, OH.
Presentation on media coverage and public opinion about climate change. Part of the McCormack Climate Change conference

10.09.08. Science and Web 2.0, Washington, DC
Day long workshop organized by The Exploratorium and the National Science Foundation. Invitation only.

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