New Online Resource Greens Congregations Of All Faiths

How many friends do you have who, under the “religious views” section of their Facebook profile, list “environmentalist,” “nature,” “mother earth,” “dirty hippy,” “dirt-worshiping treehugger,” or some variation thereof? Well, their claims may not be entirely in jest. There’s been some controversy lately over where exactly to draw the line between extreme environmentalism and religion. Lawyers in stated recently in a UK court (sorry, barristers stated) that the environmental beliefs for which their client claimed to have been discriminated against and fired, should indeed be classified as having ethical and philosophical elements. How close that comes to defining environmentalism as religion is anyone’s guess.

But if green isn't your only religion (that is to say, you're a treehugging Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, etc), the Congregational Resource Guide has a new resource for you. The organization recently launched a new blog, CRG Green, designed to put eco-minded congregations and religious leaders of all faiths in touch with one another for idea-sharing.

From the website’s pilot blog:

 “Why a special CRG blog for green? Because the Congregational Resource Guide (CRG) aims to do more than provide the best in resources for your congregational leaders, it also aspires to create a dynamic discussion and forum for faith communities to learn from one another […] The CRG GREEN blog will profile innovative congregations and organizations, report on new materials for going green, and shine a light on religion’s prominent role in the green movement.”

CRG Green was unofficially endorsed by Yale University’s Forum on Religion and Ecology – run by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim – which announced the new site in their November newsletter. The blog seems still to be in its nascent stages, though; it’s a bit cumbersome to navigate, and could use more user comments and feedback. If you know someone who’s active in their religious community, and also into keeping the planet healthy and green, pass the link on and ask them to put in their two cents.

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