San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge Spanning a Sea of Fog

In its 78th year connecting the San Francisco peninsula to Marin County, the Golden Gate is arguably the most iconic suspension bridge in America (though Brooklynites do have a strong case for theirs) and perhaps even in the entire world. Over 100,000 vehicles cross the bridge each day, which seems impressive yet pales in comparison to the nearly 250,000 accommodated daily by the nearby San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

You've probably noticed that, despite its name, the Golden Gate is actually an orange-ish hue. The official name of the color is international orange and it was chosen in part so that the bridge could stand out in the fog. It was a pretty good choice:

Here's how the scene above appears under clearer conditions:

The Golden Gate Bridge was designated a California Historical Landmark in 1987 and has been featured in countless works of film and fiction including Star Trek, A View to a Kill, and Pacific Rim.

More than anything, the Golden Gate is quintessential San Francisco -- certainly as as much as trolley cars, the Castro, Haight-Ashbury, and home run balls in McCovey Cove.

Photo credits (click for higher res)

Top photo credit: capnvynl / Flickr

Middle photo credit: Frank Schulenburg / Wikicommons

Bottom photo credit: Rich Niewiroski Jr. / Wikicommons

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