Adult coloring books have certainly risen in popularity in the past few years, with sales in the U.S. reaching 14 million books in 2016. Psychologists and therapists even prescribe them to patients as calming tools and cite additional benefits like enhancing focus and concentration, helping with problem solving and organizational skills.

Now, a pair of Kickstarter enthusiasts, want to make coloring even more fun for you by merging Cards Against Humanity with the 'boring' crayon to make it... politically incorrect. The “offensive crayons” come in much more interesting colors than regular crayons, such as Privilege White, Boner Pill Blue, Miscarriage Maroon, and Travel Ban Brown - all to help you "bring life to your pages."

The way we see it, Offensive Crayons remind us that political correctness and the way we see the world (and choose to color it) is entirely subjective. As neuroscientist Beau Lotto explains - we don't see the world as it is, we see the world that helps us to live, because our sensory organs interpret “inherently meaningless" data in ways that are useful for our survival. Color is a great example of this.


In addition, we don't underestimate the special power of special colors. Just ask psychologist Adam Atler who wrote a whole book about one of them – Drunk Tank Pink. As it turns out Drunk Tank Pink is a special shade of pink, that a group of psychologists in the 60s discovered to have calming effects on aggressive students and also to improve their engagement in class. Similar effects were observed when this shade of pink was introduced to a prison and used to paint the cell that kept the most aggressive prisoners.


So, go ahead and express your unique individuality, with a sense of humor, whether through "Drunken racist uncle purple? or "Ho ho home invasion red?" – no one else sees the world just like you.