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Who's in the Video
Adam Bly is the founder and editor-in-chief of Seed Magazine and the Chairman/CEO of Seed Media Group. Seed is a bi-monthly science magazine based out of New York and is[…]

Adam Bly makes science relevant to everyday life.

Question: What do you do?

Adam Bly: I think about science and how science figures into our lives, our policies, and our culture broadly, and try to develop new ways of expressing scientific ideas, scientific stories to different audiences in ways that I think ultimately serve or hope to serve to raise the conversation about science in the world. It all stems from a conviction that I think today we’re living at a time where science is having a transformative role on the world. More so than recent times, science is influencing our policies. It’s driving our economies. It’s spurring the development of developing countries. It’s also inspiring and influencing our arts, and design, and architecture in the buildings we’re building. It’s certainly having great philosophical consequence on the world – the way we look at who we are, where we come from, our sense of self. It’s having a profoundly interesting dynamic with religion. I think now more so than ever before, science is culture. And I think scientific literacy being able to not only understand concepts in science, but far more importantly what science is that will be the precondition for progress in the 21st century. And so I see my job as coming up with tools, platforms, media solutions, ideas, things, products to move that agenda forward.


Recorded on: 10/17/07