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New York-based architect Lee Mindel received his Master of Architecture from Harvard after obtaining his B.A., Cum Laude with distinction at the University of Pennsylvania. He worked for the New[…]

The chair is the most difficult thing to build, says Lee Mindel.

Question: What are you working on now?

Lee Mindel: I always find the idea of the next project the most interesting thing if there ever is one you are always nervous but what we have we are lucky enough to work on a very big scale and very small scale. So we like working for Noel [phonetic] as we are doing furniture in a very small scale eight chair. The chair is the hardest thing to do. Because it stripped down to the very basic thing. Its lack of ornament, it has to function, it has to have ergonomics and it involves a kind of three dimensional explorations that is very disciplined and also delivering at a certain cost for a certain thing is a very interesting challenge. A faucet for water works Peter had worked on inventing new values for water works and its that kind of thing from ---- we are doing a museum now. Lots of residences all over the world and corporate work and hotels and stuff like that, but I would say every challenge is interesting and I wouldn’t ---- it’s a continue warm of whole thing. We have done airplane, we have done ocean liner all kinds of things and each one represents different challenges.

Recorded On: 6/1/07