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Who's in the Video
One of the art world's leading figures, Simon de Pury is renowned for his deep and long-standing knowledge of the global marketplace and his legendary auctioneering style. He generates excitement[…]

De Pury believes there’s also an untapped market for old Japanese robots.

Simon de Pury: Yes we definitely will. I think there will be new collecting categories that we . . . don’t even exist yet at this moment; or that haven’t come to total fruition – that are gonna become more and more important. For instance old portable telephones; old computers; all these objects that we take for granted; that we use in our daily lives change nearly every four to six months – those will become collecting categories in their own right. I mentioned earlier Japanese toys and robots. They will become more and more valuable. They will be limited editions by those artists who are great artists in their own right. And so these are markets that are going to develop and grow, so taste is constantly evolving. Recorded on: 2/7/08