Next-Generation Storytelling

Question: What will be the next big technological innovation to hit us?

Tim Kring: Boy. I don’t know. I’m obviously looking forward to what’s going to happen in media and the way that people consume content. That’s what I’m most interested in. So, clearly the whole idea of mobile, the idea that you are carrying around with you a screen that can go with you and know who you are and know who your friends are. Utilizing that kind of technology to immerse yourself into the world of a narrative is something I’m most interested in. How to create narrative that helps people understand what their place is in the world and how to make the world a better place. So, those kinds of technologies are most interesting to me.

Question: If you had to invest in digital media, which companies would you choose?

Tim Kring: Well, you know, again right now I’m interested in, as a storyteller, in trying to use narrative to promote good in the world. So, I’m interested in companies that are philanthropic by nature and are trying to promote the greater good. So, technology that is designed to make the world a better place is the most interesting to me.

The "Heroes" creator is most fascinated by technology that allows us to immerse ourselves in narrative worlds—and make our own world a better place.

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Is there an optimal time of day to exercise?

Two new studies say yes. Unfortunately, each claims a different time.

Bronx, N.Y.: NYPD officer Julissa Camacho works out at the 44th precinct gym in the Bronx, New York on April 3, 2019. (Photo by Alejandra Villa Loarca/Newsday via Getty Images)
Surprising Science
  • Research at the Weizmann Institute of Sciences declares evening to be the best time for an exercise session.
  • Not so fast, says a new study at UC Irvine, which replies that late morning is the optimal workout time.
  • Both studies involved mice on treadmills and measured different markers to produce their results.
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