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Who's in the Video
John Waters is an American filmmaker, writer, and artist who rose to fame in the early 1970s for his transgressive cult films, which have earned him the titles "pope of[…]

The filmmaker thinks Little Levi is cute and loves the way he taunts Sarah Palin. But he advises Levi to show us the goods before he gets fat and bald.

Question: Do you think Sarah Palin is a fan of your work?

John Waters:  I don’t.  But I don’t even care about her.  I care deeply about Little Levi.  And he... I think he’s cute and I love how he tortures her.  I think he’s going to age really badly.  You can tell he already has a receding hairline.  He’s going to be fat and bald soon.  So he better show us his asshole soon.  Because he said he was going to show us his penis, he never did, so that will be any minute.  But I’m waiting for the day that once little Levi shows the world his asshole, then I’m ready to meet him.

Recorded September 10, 2010
Interviewed by Max Miller