How will this age be remembered?

Question: How will this age be remembered?

Mike Gravel: It could be remembered . . . It could be remembered by making the most significant step to the final realization of proper human governance, which is for all people to be able to participate in their governance. It could be remembered for that. And I’m very proud of what I’m doing in trying to facilitate that happening by asking the American people to vote – the Congress will never pass this – to vote to empower themselves by going to a web site. And that would begin the process. When 60 million Americans or thereabout vote for the national initiative, it will become the law of the land operable in every government jurisdiction of the United States. And the people will be in partnership with their elected officials, and corporate America won’t be able to touch it.


Recorded on: 10/23/07





As the most significant step to the final realization of proper human governance.

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