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Rob Huebel

Rob Huebel is an American comedian based in New York City.  Huebel and fellow comedians Aziz Ansari and Paul Scheer are writers, actors, and executive producers in the MTV sketch[…]

You can’t just criticize, Huebel says.

Question: Michael Moore’s comedy help or hurt his cause? 

Rob Huebel: Yeah. Well, I mean, when I worked for Michael, I really got lucky in that because I had done a bunch of work on other shows that, you know, when you're working on shows, there aren't that many great shows out there when you're, like, a writer or a producer so sometimes, to pay the bills, you have to work on crappy shows. Martha Stewart. So when I got to work for Michael Moore, I was, like, really psyched just because I was a huge fan and he kind of has this, you know, insulated group of people that he works with and, when I worked for him, I was kind of, like, the new guy on staff and I just remember he kind of, like, took me in and kind of, like, he just really liked a lot of my ideas, I felt like, and so that was really cool. Like, that was kind of the first time in my comedy career where I felt like, oh, my ideas are kind of appreciated here, you know? So it was a really cool experience for me. I feel like people say, you can say whatever you want about Michael Moore. I always feel like his voice is completely relevant and, like, necessary. I'm always confused why there aren't more people doing what he's doing, you know? Like, when you look at what he's doing, you know, really commenting on the current social political situation in our country and criticizing that but doing it in a funny way where people will actually pay attention to it and be entertained by it and laugh at it, I'm always amazed, like, why isn't anyone else doing this? He's the only-- he's really the only person that does stuff like that so, yeah, I always feel like you can really get your message across better if you're being funny. I'm not being funny in this interview but, yeah, I always feel like what he's doing is so unique and the comedy aspect of that I always feel like is really necessary to-- because you can't just sit there and lecture people and tell people, oh, this is what's wrong with the country. This is how I think we should fix it. You can't just criticize, you know, like, you have to show people how it could be and also, like, do it in a funny way, which is really hard to do. I think he does a great job at it.


Recorded On: 4/1/08




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