David Chang On Dumb Luck

Question: What role did luck play in your success?

David Chang: Gosh everything. From working in New York and working at a restaurant called Craft, and being sort of the first person there that had no real experience. I had worked at a couple of restaurants before that, and I felt I was the luckiest person in the world working at Craft because the staff was awesome. And I just felt like, “Oh my god, where is everyone else? I’m learning so much, and from amazing cooks.”

John _______ was a chef at ________. Mark _______. The list goes on and on and on.

And almost everyone that opened up that restaurant is a chef in America or abroad, and it was a real special time.

I just feel that whatever I’ve done in the industry, I made the right connections or it just happened. And I don’t know. I feel incredibly lucky about it.



"I just feel that whatever I've done in the industry, I made the right connections."