Carol Gilligan on the Psychological Differences between Men and Women

Psychologist, Feminist,and Ethicist
Carol Gilligan on when men are from venus.
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Carol Gilligan: A colleague said “if you write book called any Different Voice, she was linguist you only need one book, here is the voice that is described as the human voice and here is the Different Voice” and I said in the being of in a Different Voice, I empirically notice that this Different Voice was of what I heard more often in women, but I said it is not a women’s voice it’s a Different Voice and if you listen to it, you will hear in men too,” as I told you for example with the study of the college students and in a Different Voice in chapter 6 there are descriptions of how men at times of crisis in there lives often when there relationship fall apart, start to speak in a much more relational voice, because they realize that their blindness to those issues the relationship had let them into lot of loss and pain.