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Why the 14th Amendment is one of history’s most radical ideas

In 1868, equal protection under the law was granted to every born and naturalized U.S. citizen—no exceptions. That's radical, says Van Jones.

Empathy, bigotry, and the tolerance paradox: Can America solve its social impasse?

There are a lot of tough conversations that stand between where America is now and "liberty and justice for all," says Van Jones.

This Thanksgiving, Disagree Politically without Disrespecting Each Other

The amount of political disagreement in the nation is matched only by righteous indignation. But in order to disagree without disrespecting each other, we need to look hard at our own positions.

Divide and Conquer: The Bipartisan Plan to Break America

Both Republicans and Democrats blame the poor on each side, creating a terrible dissonance in our politics and in our nation's psyche.

What it Means to Defend America

We have a responsibility to defend the America that we inherited and to make sure that people calling themselves patriots don't smash it down. 

Energy to an Economy is Like Oxygen to the Human Body

The Chinese smart priority on diversifying their energy portfolio and creating jobs is something that we should match them on, again.