How to Get Smart About Fear

 I think we all need a fear toolkit that helps us navigate the fear in our lives. 

How do we get the courage to launch a big idea that we may be very afraid of moving forward with?  The first thing is to get wise about fear, to get really smart about fear.  I think we all need a fear toolkit that helps us navigate the fear in our lives.  So if you’re feeling a lot of fear here are a few things you can do.  When you feel the fear call up a sense of love or being loved.

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The World is Unfinished. It Needs Your Voice.

The world has a hole in it that is shaped just like you and it needs your voice to fill that hole.  

Empowering young girls and young women to become brilliant women starts with a changed paradigm about how we see young people in general. We need to see them as leaders, as change agents who are moving our culture forward.  I think that’s actually what adolescent rebellion is all about.  It’s about breaking the mold of the previous generation and moving the culture forward.

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Women Are Like Tourists in a World Built for Men

Women are like tourists in a world that is not quite built to be aligned with how they are by nature or how they’ve been socialized by nurture.  

So women sometimes feel challenged sharing their voice fully in the world in a way that many men don’t for a couple different reasons.  One of them is that the costs for women are different.

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Why We Need Whitespace in Our Lives

We need whitespace because that’s really often when our most creative ideas emerge, when our real desires for our lives can speak.

We live in a culture that really valorizes overworking.  In so many workplaces the hero is the one that is putting in the long hours.  Why isn’t the hero the person that actually can get amazing work done and leave at a reasonable time?  

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