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NASA Astronaut Ron Garan on How Open Source and Data Sharing Will Tear Down the Walls that Separate Us

Many organizations are reluctant to share important information across national borders. Astronaut Ron Garan, whose time in space helped him see the world in a whole new way, argues that these apprehensions fail to take into account the big picture: We're all in this together.

Let's Build a Moon Base, THEN Colonize Mars, with Astronaut Ron Garan

There's no reason why humanity can't re-establish its moon presence while also keeping an eye on the red planet.

There Are No Politics on the International Space Station

Former NASA astronaut Ron Garan explains how the cooperative lessons learned through space exploration are applicable in other realms of life.

Working Together For a Better World, with Astronaut Ron Garan

Former NASA astronaut Ron Garan recounts how he adopted a new perspective on global solidarity while serving on the International Space Station.