Possibilities Are the Greatest Thing in Life

Can you imagine yourself working at the same narrow position all the way up until the future?

I was working in journalism for three or four years, that's probably the longest I've ever tried at one particular job.  And I just didn't feel right.  I felt like I was writing articles and I liked writing but people would read it for a week and then it disappeared.  And the impermanence of it bugged me.  I wanted to write something that people would read for weeks or months or years.  And that feeling meant I had to look to the future and say can I do this for the next five or ten years?  That's the kind of process we have to go through.  Can you imagine yourself working at this very narrow position all the way up till the future?  You want to have possibilities.  Possibilities are the greatest thing in life.

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Do You Know Who You Really Are? Ask Your Six-Year-Old Self

Who you are a lot of the time is a reflection of what other people have told you.

It's always really important to be able to tap into your childhood even if it seems difficult.  The problem people have nowadays is we're so instant-oriented that the idea that it could take a few weeks or months of using a journal or a therapist or talking with someone just seems outrageous. 

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The One Shortcut That Exists in Life

Mentors can steer you away from the kinds of mistakes that are going to make you  waste a year or two of your life.

All of us are looking for shortcuts in life.  We want to be able to take a pill that will make us smarter or find some formula that will make it so we don’t have to go through 10,000 hours.  Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. 

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Why You Need to Make Yourself Irreplaceable

Your greatest danger is that you’re going to be replaceable by the time you’re in your late 30s. 

We all have to have a job.  The job market’s tough and competitive.  The greatest danger you face in the job market today, quite frankly, is that you are essentially replaceable.  You’re a cog in the machine.  You go to work at a company or wherever it is, you learn a skill and then by the time you’re in your mid to late 30s you are easily replaceable by someone in their early 20s who is younger, cheaper, closer to the new trends that are happening.  

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