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Would Jesus have wanted Christianity?

Jesus wasn't about promoting divisiveness.

Are religious fundamentalists missing the point of religion?

Don't take the Bible so seriously, says religious scholar and fully interesting guy Rob Bell.

How to find your happiness: The Japanese philosophy of Ikigai

Is today a repeat of yesterday? Rob Bell explains how the Japanese concept of Ikigai can help you wake up with a sense of wonder and purpose.

Hungry for meaning: Is there a conflict between science and spirituality?

Spirituality plays a different ballgame than science, so the language used in either of them doesn't often match up to the other side. This, says religious teacher Rob Bell, creates a lot of conflicts.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Hell

A lot of us are banking on heaven for ourselves and hell for certain others, but spiritual teacher Rob Bell urges us to think about those concepts as states of consciousness, and rethink the nature of the afterlife.

How Atheist Values Help Correct Religion's Mistakes

Spiritual teacher Rob Bell believes that atheism is eroding certain religious teachings, and it's a good thing.

Does Technological Change Unify the World, or Pit Us Against Each Other?

Rob Bell examines the two responses to our rapidly changing world, covering politics, the internet, tribalism and race relations.