Why You Gotta Move to the City

Where we live structures so many of our other life options.  

No one ever told me that the place I would choose to live was important.  I was fortunate enough to be born in northern New Jersey. I was born in the New York metropolitan area, even though I was working class that gave me a lot of opportunities and stimulation.

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More than ten years after the publication of his groundbreaking work of urban theory, "The Rise of the Creative Class," Richard Florida is sticking to his assertion that the rising creative class is an engine of economic and cultural growth.

Technology & Innovation

The lesson of Toyota, which rippled throughout the auto industry, was that treating workers as collaborators is good not only for their self esteem, but for the financial health of the business. The service economy is just starting to learn it.


The changes to our urban and rural areas will reinvent our education system.