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Stuck in Neutral? Supercharge Your Innovation Thinking, with Peter Diamandis

The CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation lays out three tools to boost innovative ideas and re-draw the frontiers of business and creativity.

The Virtual Clothing Store of the Future, Where You're the Runway Model

Look out, Amazon. The virtual clothing store of the future will offer a unique shopping experience that blows our current setup out of the water.

Peter Diamandis on How to Become a Billionaire

Exponential technologies are rapidly shifting the way we live and do business, says Singularity University's Peter Diamandis. Those who learn to take advantage of them are sure to ride the wave to extraordinary success.

How Uber is Democratizing the Automobile, with Peter Diamandis

Uber is an example of an exponential company that harness technology to revolutionize whole industries.

Peter Diamandis: Keep Your Eye on Virtual Reality in 2015

Every year, Peter Diamandis ruminates on the kinds of technology ready to leap from "deceptive" to "disruptive." In this video, he explores virtual reality as an innovation ready to take the leap.

Glimpsing the Meta-Intelligence of the Future

We humans are those simple individual life forms that are beginning to bring technology into our bodies, whether it’s the cell phone or eventually brain/computer interface.

Why Democracies Become Risk-Averse

The challenge we have in a democracy is that we can change our minds depending on which party is in power. 

Failing Like Edison

Constrains, willingness to fail, willingness to take big risks and rapid iteration are absolutely fundamental to innovation. 

The Progress Report on AI and Robotics

Peter Diamandis: It's really when you combine AI & Robotics together that you have magic happening.

We Need to Educate to Create New Knowledge

The issue is learning the best questions to ask and learning how to interact once you have the knowledge to create new knowledge.

AI Will Deliver Education on Demand

Learning facts and figures are going to be best done by technology feeding them to you the way you want to hear them, when you want to hear them. 

Stop Complaining and Start Solving Problems

We ultimately need to change the global conversation from one of people complaining about problems to a mindset of solving them. 

What If We Had a Squanderable Abundance of Energy? We Do.

Energy becomes literally the fuel that allows us to fulfill almost all of our dreams and what I point out to people is we do have a squanderable abundance of energy.  It happens to be sunlight. 

Gazing Into the Future of Knowledge Abundance

We will have abundance in terms of knowledge and equality and we won’t have the bottom billion anymore, but what I call the rising billion.  

You Need to Create Your Own Luck

A lot of the great successes in life were overnight successes after 10 years of hard work.

Let's Stop Killing Ourselves and Take Some Risks

Taking risks doesn’t mean being stupid.  It really involves taking measured risks and really understanding how to mitigate those risks in one way or another. 

Where Do Breakthroughs Come From?

If you’re looking for breakthroughs, you need to be willing to take huge risks and to back non-traditional approaches.  

Chris Anderson: DIY Hero

Chris Anderson's community is aimed at demonetizing a number of industries.  

Raise Resources, with Peter Diamandis

If you have a big idea, chances are you’ll have to raise capital to make it happen. But don't limit yourself to just looking for someone to cut a check.