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Superintelligence: How A.I. will overcome humans

A sobering thought to anyone laughing off the thought of robot overlords.

We’re smart enough to create intelligent machines. But are we wise enough?

What is the danger in creating something smarter than you? You can't control it, and pretty soon it could control you.

What it will take for AI to surpass human intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is already outsmarting us at '80s computer games by finding ways to beat games that developers didn't even know were there. Just wait until it figures out how to beat us in ways that matter.

The Meaning of Life: It Could Be Just a Quirk—or Quark—of Consciousness

Is science destined to crack the code of consciousness—and how would we even go about it?

Why Superintelligent AI Could Be the Last Human Invention

When we create something more intelligent than we could ever be, what happens after that? We have to teach it.