Full text of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Christmas message
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Thursday, 25 December 2008

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Anger as Ahmadinejad delivers Christmas message on Channel 4

Here is the full translation of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Christmas message that will be broadcast on Channel 4 tonight:

"In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful.

"Upon the anniversary of the birth of Jesus, Son of Mary, the Word of God, the Messenger of mercy, I would like to congratulate the followers of Abrahamic faiths, especially the followers of Jesus Christ, and the people of Britain.

"The Almighty created the universe for human beings and human beings for Himself.

"He created every human being with the ability to reach the heights of perfection. He called on man to make every effort to live a good life in this world and to work to achieve his everlasting life.

"On this difficult and challenging journey of man from dust to the divine, He did not leave humanity to its own devices. He chose from those He created the most excellent as His Prophets to guide humanity.

"All Prophets called for the worship of God, for love and brotherhood, for the establishment of justice and for love in human society. Jesus, the Son of Mary, is the standard-bearer of justice, of love for our fellow human beings, of the fight against tyranny, discrimination and injustice.

"All the problems that have bedevilled humanity throughout the ages came about because humanity followed an evil path and disregarded the message of the Prophets.

"Now as human society faces a myriad of problems and a succession of complex crises, the root causes can be found in humanity's rejection of that message, in particular the indifference of some governments and powers towards the teachings of the divine Prophets, especially those of Jesus Christ.

"The crises in society, the family, morality, politics, security and the economy which have made life hard for humanity and continue to put great pressure on all nations have come about because the Prophets have been forgotten, the Almighty has been forgotten and some leaders are estranged from God.

"If Christ were on earth today, undoubtedly He would stand with the people in opposition to bullying, ill-tempered and expansionist powers.

"If Christ were on earth today, undoubtedly He would hoist the banner of justice and love for humanity to oppose warmongers, occupiers, terrorists and bullies the world over.

"If Christ were on earth today, undoubtedly He would fight against the tyrannical policies of prevailing global economic and political systems, as He did in His lifetime.

"The solution to today's problems is a return to the call of the divine Prophets. The solution to these crises is to follow the Prophets - they were sent by the Almighty for the good of humanity.

"Today, the general will of nations is calling for fundamental change. This is now taking place. Demands for change, demands for transformation, demands for a return to human values are fast becoming the foremost demands of the nations of the world.

"The response to these demands must be real and true. The prerequisite to this change is a change in goals, intentions and directions. If tyrannical goals are repackaged in an attractive and deceptive package and imposed on nations again, the people, awakened, will stand up against them.

"Fortunately, today, as crises and despair multiply, a wave of hope is gathering momentum. Hope for a brighter future and hope for the establishment of justice, hope for real peace, hope for finding virtuous and pious rulers who love the people and want to serve them - and this is what the Almighty has promised.

"We believe Jesus Christ will return, together with one of the children of the revered Messenger of Islam and will lead the world to love, brotherhood and justice.

"The responsibility of all followers of Christ and Abrahamic faiths is to prepare the way for the fulfilment of this divine promise and the arrival of that joyful, shining and wonderful age.

"I hope that the collective will of nations will unite in the not too distant future and with the grace of the Almighty Lord, that shining age will come to rule the earth.

"Once again, I congratulate one and all on the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. I pray for the New Year to be a year of happiness, prosperity, peace and brotherhood for humanity. I wish you every success and happiness."

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DAVID HAFFENREFFER, CNN ANCHOR: The leader of the Roman Catholic Church is about to deliver his Christmas Day message.

For more on that story we go right to Linda Stouffer at CNN Center in Atlanta.

Good morning, Linda.

LINDA STOUFFER, CNN ANCHOR: Good morning. A Merry Christmas to you, David.

In fact, he has just begun. As we mentioned in our last hour, it has been a very unique Christmas in Vatican City. It's also been a difficult year in the cradle of Christianity. And that's what the pope pointed out during his homily during midnight mass last night.

Now, he is speaking now and he's expected to touch on some of the same themes in his annual message to the city and to the world.

You're looking at a live picture now out of Vatican City. We'd like to listen in for a moment.


POPE JOHN PAUL II (through translator): ... and the finger of man stretching out to each other and almost touching. There seems to leap an invisible spark.

God communicates to man a tremor of his own light, creating him in his own image and likeness. That divine breath is the origin of the unique dignity of every human being, of humanity's boundless yearning for the infinite.

It is to that instant of impenetrable mystery, the beginning of human life on Earth, that our thoughts go back to today as we contemplate the son of God who becomes the son of man, the eternal face of God reflected in the face of a child.

The first man, Adam, became a living being. Because of the divine spark placed within him, man is a being endowed with intelligence and freedom, and thus is capable of deciding responsibly with regard to himself and his own destiny.

The great fresco of the Sistine Chapel continues with the scene of original sin. The serpent...

STOUFFER: That is Pope John Paul II, translation of what he is saying during his Christmas Day address. You've also been looking at live pictures of that life-size nativity scene just outside Saint Peter's Basilica. The Pope is standing on the steps of the Basilica there.


curious they only give an edited version
so seek a full version

Pope appeals for solidarity in tough economy

Associated Press Writer

Latest News
Pope appeals for solidarity in tough economy
Good heavens: Vatican rehabilitating Galileo

Sacred texts: Vatican embraces iTunes prayer book

Pope says he's no rock star

Pope marks Galileo anniversary, praises astronomy

VATICAN CITY (AP) -- Pope Benedict XVI urged a world confronting a financial crisis, conflict, and increasing poverty not to lose hope at Christmas, but to join in "authentic solidarity" to prevent global ruin.

His message of salvation amid growing concern about the economic meltdown facing rich and poor nations alike was echoed across the continent in London, where Britain's Queen Elizabeth II called for courage in response to the rough times.

Speaking from the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica to tens of thousands of pilgrims, tourists and Romans in the square below, the pope called his Christmas message known as "Urbi et Orbi" - Latin for "to the City and to the World" - a "proclamation of hope." And he stressed that it was "meant for all men and women."

As the global economy continues to spiral downward, Benedict said, "an increasingly uncertain future is regarded with apprehension, even in affluent nations."

"In each of these places, may the light of Christmas shine forth and encourage all people to do their part in a spirit of authentic solidarity," he said. "If people look only to their own interests, our world will certainly fall apart."

Wearing a crimson mantle against a damp chill, Benedict expressed hope that dialogue and negotiation would prevail to find "just and lasting solutions" to conflicts in the Holy Land and elsewhere in the Middle East.

He decried suffering in Africa, terrorism, and called for an end to "internecine conflict" dividing ethnic and social groups.

The pope singled out the plight of those in war-torn eastern Congo, in Sudan's Darfur region, in Somalia where he said "interminable" suffering is the tragic consequence of "the lack of stability and peace" - and in Zimbabwe where people have been "trapped for all too long in a political and social crisis which, sadly, keeps worsening."

Benedict condemned the "twisted logic of conflict and violence" in the Middle East, which he is likely to visit next year. He lamented that "the horizon seems once again bleak for Israelis and Palestinians."

"May the divine light of Bethlehem radiate throughout the Holy Land," he said. "May it spread throughout Lebanon, Iraq and the whole Middle East."

Following tradition, the pope recited holiday greetings in 64 languages, including Latin, the Church's official tongue.

In Bethlehem, crowds of tourists joined local Palestinian Christians in marking Christmas in Jesus' traditional birthplace. Merchants and innkeepers reported good business for the first time in years with tensions between Israelis and West Bank Palestinians appeared to be easing.

At the Church of the Nativity, Brad Shannon, 28, a mechanic from Atlanta Georgia, said he saved money all year to make the trip to Bethlehem with three friends.

"I came here to see the oldest church that is still in use," he said. "It's not every Christmas that you're surrounded with people from all over the world."

In Iraq, the government declared Christmas a holiday for the first time, a surprise for the country's Christian minority estimated to number only a few hundred thousand of the 26 million Iraqis who are overwhelmingly Muslim.

Christians have often been the target of attacks by Islamic extremists in Iraq, and in his homily at Christmas Mass at a Baghdad monastery, Chaldean Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly praised the establishment of Christmas as an official holiday as a step toward easing tensions. In a gesture of cooperation with the Christians, a senior Shiite cleric, Ammar al-Hakim, attended the Mass, flanked by bodyguards.

For the 146,000 U.S. troops serving in Iraq, the holiday was marked with special meals and chapel services - but most of all by thoughts of families at home and calls to loved ones.

Both the outgoing and incoming leaders of the United States were spending Christmas with family.

U.S. President George W. Bush and relatives including his father, former President George H.W. Bush, were celebrating the holiday at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland. President-elect Barack Obama and his family were vacationing in a beachfront rental home in his native Hawaii.

Both leaders remembered U.S. military serving away for home in holiday messages.

In the splendor of Buckingham Palace's Music Room, Queen Elizabeth acknowledged to her subjects that the economic crisis had given rise "to feelings of insecurity" and cast a pall over holiday celebrations.

"People are touched by events which have their roots far across the world," she said. "Whether it is the global economy or violence in a distant land, the effects can be keenly felt at home."

But the queen stressed that "when life seems hard the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future."

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full transcript of Queen's Christmas Message

Thursday, 25 December 2008

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Credit crunch makes for 'sombre' Christmas, admits Queen

Here is a full transcript of the Queen's Christmas message:

"Christmas is a time for celebration, but this year it is a more sombre occasion for many. Some of those things which could once have been taken for granted suddenly seem less certain and, naturally, give rise to feelings of insecurity.

"People are touched by events which have their roots far across the world. Whether it is the global economy or violence in a distant land, the effects can be keenly felt at home.

"Once again, many of our service men and women are serving on operations in common cause to bring peace and security to troubled places.

"In this 90th year since the end of the First World War, the last survivors recently commemorated the service and enormous sacrifice of their own generation.

"Their successors in theatres such as Iraq and Afghanistan are still to be found in harm's way in the service of others. For their loved ones, the worry will never cease until they are safely home.

"In such times as these we can all learn something from the past. We might begin to see things in a new perspective. And certainly, we begin to ask ourselves where it is that we can find lasting happiness.

"Over the years those who have seemed to me to be the most happy, contented and fulfilled have always been the people who have lived the most outgoing and unselfish lives; the kind of people who are generous with their talents or their time.

"There are those who use their prosperity or good fortune for the benefit of others whether they number among the great philanthropists or are people who, with whatever they have, simply have a desire to help those less fortunate than themselves.

"What they offer comes in the form of what can easily be recognised as service to the nation or service to the wider community.

"As often as not however, their unselfishness is a simply taken for granted part of the life of their family or neighbourhood.

"They tend to have some sense that life itself is full of blessings, and is a precious gift for which we should be thankful.

"When life seems hard the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future.

"I think we have a huge amount to learn from individuals such as these. And what I believe many of us share with them is a source of strength and peace of mind in our families and friends.

"Indeed, Prince Philip and I can reflect on the blessing, comfort and support we have gained from our own family in this special year for our son, the Prince of Wales.

Sixty years ago, he was baptised here in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace. As parents and grandparents, we feel great pride in seeing our family make their own unique contributions to society.

"Through his charities, the Prince of Wales has worked to support young people and other causes for the benefit of the wider community.

"At Christmas, we feel very fortunate to have our family around us. But for many of you, this Christmas will mean separation from loved ones and perhaps reflection on the memories of those no longer with us.

"I hope that, like me, you will be comforted by the example of Jesus of Nazareth who, often in circumstances of great adversity, managed to live an outgoing, unselfish and sacrificial life. Countless millions of people around the world continue to celebrate his birthday at Christmas, inspired by his teaching.

"He makes it clear that genuine human happiness and satisfaction lie more in giving than receiving; more in serving than in being served.

"We can surely be grateful that, two thousand years after the birth of Jesus, so many of us are able to draw inspiration from his life and message, and to find in him a source of strength and courage.

"I hope that the Christmas message will encourage and sustain you too, now and in the coming year.

"I wish you all a very happy Christmas."


Pope's Christmas Message: "Does A 'Saviour' Still Have Any Value And Meaning For The Men And Women Of The Third Millennium?"
Reuters | December 25, 2006 09:48 AM

Read More: Breaking Living Now News

Pope Benedict said in his Christmas message on Monday that mankind, which has reached other planets and worships technology, cannot live without God or turn its back on the hungry.

It was shameful that in "this age of plenty and unbridled consumerism" many remained deaf to the "heart-rending cry" of those dying of hunger, thirst, disease, poverty, war and terrorism.

guess we wont be hearing him any time soon

http://www.celestinevision.com/celestin ... /index.php
alex jones prison planet
on prison planet[or info wars]




my favourites list
revealing the vision behind the s/words

note previously

and of course my longest favourite [home ] site Http://morana.forumco.com
the only one i know by heart
the home of my heartThere is one creator god
who alone gave each living their life
we call the god father
we get to relise our father by loving life
loving living , loving love
to give grace and mercy unto all life
as we would be it to have be , given to us
we serve good/god life giver
or the life taker by our deeds
know the voice of love brings peaceLocation: Great south lands [Van Die Mens land] Role: freeman on the land at lawfull occupation


[extract from http://forum.onlineopinion.com.au/threa ... 327&page=0]

1/ Some Militant terrorists have attacked the financial hub of Mumbai, murdering over 170 people and wounding countless others.


has an interesting cast of charictors
likely carrying a 'maritious id card,
carrying chinese grenaides....

how could they swallow that?

being welcomed by the police chief?
under orders to teminate him?


doing the numbers 6 of them did get away

edited out

Too true Romany. The crazier parts of the American media were spruiking it as deliberately planned to coincide with Thanksgiving and therefore an attack on the American way of life. As such, it was interpreted as a clear signal for Obama to invade Pakistan at the earliest opportunity.
nobody knows the precise details and by the time they filter through they will have been through the spin cycles of several political entitites.

On the red flag business, if I understand the red flag thing right, it's obviously got some of the nuttier bulls ready for stampede, but I predict it won't have desired effect.


Just read your links, RObert.

It would appear to anyone reading them that Clinton's attack of 1998 was in retaliation to the first four attacks on the USA as detailed in http://www.snopes.com/rumors/clinton.asp, the link that you provided.

So, basically, your information supports my viewpoint. i.e. they brought it on themselves.


extra links here
http://forum.onlineopinion.com.au/threa ... 240#128796


Mumbai attacks‘were a ploy to wreck Obama plan to isolate al-Qaeda’
http://www.prisonplanet.com/mumbai-atta ... 80%99.html

The carnage may have been an attempt to put Pakistan and India at each other’s throats and kill US hopes for the region.

Mumbai attacks - city fears five terrorists are‘missing’
http://www.prisonplanet.com/mumbai-atta ... ssing.html

At least five terrorist gunmen have evaded capture in Mumbai and could make a secondary strike on India’s financial capital,it was feared today.

Ministers offer to quit over Mumbai attacks
http://www.prisonplanet.com/ministers-o ... tacks.html

A second top Indian politician offered to resign on Monday as the Indian government came under intense pressure over its handling of the Mumbai attacks, which claimed at least 192 lives in a rampage by a team of well-organised terrorists.

CIA Foreknowledge of the Mumbai Attacks
http://www.prisonplanet.com/cia-forekno ... tacks.html
Yesterday, Outlookindia.com reported that the CIA’s station chief in Delhi approached one of India’s intelligence agencies,the Research and Analysis Wing,

and passed on a fairly specific warning.

Mumbai attacks part of ‘blowback’ for CIA double-cross
http://www.prisonplanet.com/mumbai-atta ... cross.html

The violence that is sweeping Mumbai’s tourist and business areas is the work of rival Hindu nationalist terrorists and Muslim gangs, according to WMR’s Asian intelligence sources

Mossad role in Turkey coup plot revealed
http://www.prisonplanet.com/mossad-role ... ealed.html
Israel’s national intelligence agency Mossad has been behind a failed coup in Turkey,the Turkish daily newspaper,Milliyet reports.

Massacre in Mumbai: Militants ‘could drive nuclear-armed India to brink of war with Pakistan’
http://www.prisonplanet.com/massacre-in ... istan.html

Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has appealed to India not to punish his country for last week’s attacks, saying militants could precipitate a regional war.


Anti-terror laws used to snoop on nursery suspected of selling pot plants unlawfully
http://www.prisonplanet.com/anti-terror ... fully.html
A council used controversial anti-terror powers to spy on a nursery suspected of selling pot plants unlawfully, it has emerged.

Commons Backlash After MP Arrest
http://www.prisonplanet.com/commons-bac ... rrest.html
Commons Speaker Michael Martin is under pressure to explain why police were allowed to raid the parliamentary office of Tory frontbencher Damian Green.

http://www.prisonplanet.com/welcome-to- ... a-job.html

Labour’s public sector spending has created a wave of ‘Soviet’ boroughs where around half the population depends on the state for work, figures revealed yesterday.


the results are emerging
the first part [but check out part two for the next stage]

also just before it was a expose on gmo /infertility

but the vidio reveals it is the same mob that killed ghandi
[for the same reason [ghandi] wanted to talk with the muslims too]
and neo con hindi' s didnt

same old same old
[after iraq then pakistan]but the neo cons need a world war[be it not this attack [then iraq
failing that they will interfere with europes gas supply from russia hoping to suck russia into their needed world war

its time to see that the neo con dont want peace
they want armogeddon[that all life die]
and certainly not pakies talking with indies

[neo cons] they are so fearfull they just need us to be in more fear[fear no evil]

Arrest Provides More Evidence India, Israel, and the U.S. Behind Mumbai Attacks

It is becoming increasingly a hard sell to pin the blame for the Mumbai attacks on Pakistan and thus set the stage for an attack on Pakistan after Barack Obama enters the White House in a few weeks. It now appears Indian intelligence played a large part in the terrorist attacks.
http://www.prisonplanet.com/arrest-prov ... tacks.html

Pak on track to being named terrorist state
http://www.prisonplanet.com/pak-on-trac ... state.html
The United States is dusting off a long-discarded proposal to declare Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism.

Pak extends ‘war exercise’ along border
http://www.prisonplanet.com/pak-extends ... order.html
Intensifying its activities along the Indian border, Pakistan has extended its war exercise "Zarab Alwar". The Pakistan army’s move comes close on the heels of Mumbai terror attack.

Pakistan feared Indian attack after Mumbai: report
http://www.prisonplanet.com/pakistan-fe ... eport.html
Pakistan feared India was planning a military strike amid heightened tensions between the two nuclear powers following the Mumbai attacks, Pakistan’s high commissioner to London told the BBC Saturday.

McCain warns Pakistan of Indian air strikes
http://www.prisonplanet.com/mccain-warn ... rikes.html
United States Senator John McCain has said there is enough evidence of the involvement of former Inter-Services Intelligence officers in the planning and execution of the Mumbai attacks.

Man arrested in Mumbai investigation is undercover cop
http://www.prisonplanet.com/man-arreste ... r-cop.html

One of the two Indian men arrested for illegally buying mobile phone cards used by the gunmen in the Mumbai attacks was a counterinsurgency police officer who may have been on an undercover mission, security officials said Saturday, demanding
Posted by one under god, Monday, 8 December 2008 9:35:45 AM
men can't be pefect
god alone is perfect

Our leaders are just like we are
thus we can go where they been
and they realise where we are

propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker
but to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all.

The same way that a meateater and a lamb can lie down together,logic[science] allways waiting and analysing for ways that science can subvert that of god ,into ITS latest theory

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this is just a random thought

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