Three Weapons to Battle Complacency

If you embrace three things - fanatic discipline, empirical creativity, and the ambition for something bigger than yourself - you are going to be of immense value to whatever enterprise that you’re part of. 

Imagine a triangle of fanatic discipline, empirical creativity, and productive paranoia, all driven by some ambition that’s bigger than you. That is the complete extreme antithesis of complacency. 

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The Value of Productive Paranoia

Before you buy a house, before you buy a car, before you start acquiring things, first put away enough savings so you could go a year without a job because you might have to.

I’m not sure productive paranoia is healthy entirely, in the sense that it can make you very much on edge, but it can be very productive.  So think about it this way:

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How Do You Know You Have a Great Relationship?

Ask each person individually who benefits more from the relationship. 

I have a great marriage.  I’ve been married 31 years.  And I have thought a lot about how you make a great marriage.  How do you make great partnerships?  How do you make great friendships?  

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Motivation is Not the Responsibility of Leadership

If I actually have to motivate you then perhaps actually I am discounting what you really are as a person.  I’m saying you’re a lump that needs to be motivated.

Let me share with you something about engagement and motivation.  Our leaders didn’t spend time trying to motivate people.  This morning did somebody need to come into your room when your alarm went off and motivate you to get up and do something interesting today? 

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