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The economic meltdown of the 2nd half of 2008 has been blamed on several issues: mortgages for houses that people can't afford, the selling of debt as an investment tool, CEOs making over 500 times the salary of the average employee of their companies, golden parachutes, people buying too much on credit, the United States waging two wars that are paid for by increasing debt to other nations, defense contractors with overpriced no-bid contracts that are not held accountable, etc.

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In the very recent past, there has been quite a few companies filing for bankruptcy or have taken over by a former rival.  What businesses are at risk?  Will many restaurants go out of business because people have less money to spend?  Hotels?  Airlines?  It hasn't been too long since Sharper Image closed their retail stores.  Are other retail stores in danger?

We need to realize that the different communities within the LGBT communities are interwoven.  Rules and laws that effect transgender people also have an effect on gay males, lesbians, and any other community.  

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