Would it help our economy? Could it keep us out of war? Maybe... or it could actually make the economy worse. I don't know yet? but here is why high gas prices would keep America safe, it would keep us safe because... well it really gets rid of traffic more people are looking for cars with better mileage and also wouldn't you people think less troops would die just because of oil? What do you people think would it help us or not?

Just looking at these two subjects made me think... After thinking for a while I realized "wait a minute, If you believe in science that must mean that you really don't need to believe god because science makes perfect sense and if you believe in god then you don't believe in science because "God" is there for you. It really doesn't make any sense when somebody says that "Yeah sure i believe in God but evolution makes perfect sense." Evolution and Creationism do not mix people! I remembered one time I passed by Malibu and I saw a building called the "christian science" research centre. That is just plain old ridiculus. So which one would it be God or Science?

Seriously with skyrocketing gas prices and global warming, people are mostly switching to smaller cars or hybrids, also who would really like to pay a ridiculus gas price that is probably more than $4.50 in most places. People are outraged with these prices, and realizing "Who wants to pay more cash for a gas guzzler while you can save money riding in a smaller and cheaper car. So what do you think is it going to end or what?

I think they are wrong. All they teach there is a bunch of non sense and other stuff that are wrong like "Oh the sun is the biggest star in the universe" or " Christopher Columbus was the first to reach America and was a hero". That's ridiculus. They need to teach kids about the real thing not fake non sense crap like always.