The Clintons have and still use to this day deceiving tactics which force another opponent to be on the defensive whereas the Clintons are notably condemning their opponents with condescending information, factual or non-factual.   This ; strategy has been working thus far in the 2008 campaign,  A multitude of attacks have been made in Barak Obama’s direction with such underhanded tactics, forcing him to justify and clarify reality from a non-reality of spin. Our nation has survived under such rudimentary politics for decades, now that change is upon us, should we as American people cower to such political rhetoric?  Furthermore, is this tactics a predecessor to fear mongering tactics which was and still used by this current administration?

Fear is a universal too in which our government has used to manipulate votes, illicit an illegal war for profiteering and other various anti-democratic endeavors.  How long will the manipulation of fear be used as a tool for extorting the American people?  Such examples of this radical campaigning efforts are "If we don’t fight them over there, we will fight them over here."  And the fear of communism, these tactics have put our nation at risk financially and more importantly, physically.  I again ask, when will the anti-democratic melodramatic propaganda or rhetoric end?   


How far has capitalism corrupted man; and in so, how far has self interest destroyed future generations?


How far has capitalism corrupted our man; and in so, how far has self interest destroyed future generations?