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Intelligence is Not Static. It's a Set of Skills that We Acquire

David Shenk: I think the really dangerous and oppressive myth of IQ is that IQ tests are identifying some kind of quantity of intelligence that we are born with and that we have this static amount of intelligence that we’re going to carry with us throughout life.

Why Do Child Prodigies Fizzle Out?

Kids might be immensely great at something, but they’re never performing at a great adult level.  

Child Prodigy, Adult Mediocrity

There is a large group of child prodigies who go on to a life of relative mediocrity.

Deliberate Practice Brings Perfection

The difference in personalities between people who get good at stuff or get great at stuff is the people who get great at stuff really find satisfaction in the constant pushing process. 

Who You Are is an Interactive Process

The old notion of giftedness, the notion that we are born with a certain quantity of intelligence or a quantity of talent really isn’t there. 

G x E = You (Nature Interacting with Nurture)

You just absolutely cannot separate the affects of genes from the affects of the environment, so all we can do is identify the resources that we have in our environments and maximize them as best we can.  

What Kind of a Word is 'Genius'?

David Shenk: I don’t think it’s really important to make a dividing line to try to figure out when you’ve crossed over into genius.