Early in childhood, in the same year, I lost two much-loved pets  -- a turtle and a cat.  It is quite unlikely that there was any connection between these deaths.

However, I was left with the impression of how tidy the process was.  Both opted to quietly disappear to a place of their choosing, a place they would associate with contentment while alive.  When found, they were neatly posed and peaceful.  Those deaths did not leave any real negatives, besides the fact that I could no longer interact with them.

Later in life, I lost several close friends and relatives.  Strangley, I judged their deaths by the same criteria as I judged my pets' deaths.  There was a real comfort in seeing them pass tidilly.  And this is exactly what I would want for myself, if I am able to have any say in the matter.  I have not the least desire to stay alive, just for the sake of it, after quality-of-life sinks below a certain threshhold.   Even more importantly -- I would not wish my loved-ones to witness an untidy passing.

I once attended a lecture where the speaker casually stated the following...

"If one was instantly transported to a mirror-image of our universe, in the absence of man-made influences, we would never see the difference,"

Immediately I figured out a method to determine which world I was in, but never had the chance to debate the issue with the author.  Has anyone else come across this 'challenge', and found a solution to it?

We can usually classify each of our fellow humans somewhere on the scale between Ugly and Beautiful.  Not so with Nature.  It is difficult to find any examples in the natural-world that can be considered ugly.  The colors, are perfectly matched and blended; the shapes are perfect, even if non-symmetrical; the composition is perfect. There is some magic at work here.

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Measuring Stuff

Through tertiary training, I learned to measure stuff.  Physics taught me to measure to the limits of the measuring-equipment, while Engineering was a little more flippant in its approach to accuracy.  I love measuring stuff.

This has carried through to everyday-life in surprising ways.  When I finish reading the news over breakfast, I make a call, or measurement, on whether this is an 'Up-Day' or a 'Down-Day' [ in terms of World and National events ].  This does require a concerted effort to seek out any good news.

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