Human Trafficking. The word simply sends chills down my spine. It is a topic that, if someone were to bring it up a few years ago, no one would know what you were talking about. In the recent years, it has become more and more highlighted. It is the selling of young girls and boys anywhere from 7 and up into slavery. It can be in factories but most often, it is in sexual prostitution. In places all over the world this is taking place. Two main ones that I can think of are Cambodia and India. Girls and boys, just children, are being sold to traffickers for pennies. Their families are told that their children will be working as a maid or some other semi-glamorous job and that at anytime, they can buy them back. In reality, this young child has just been sold to be a sex slave and has ultimately disappeared off the planet never to be found by their families again. The hollow look into the faces of 9 year old girls who have been raped and beaten is more than anyone should be able to bear. Girls who are tortured and threatened everyday to keep them from running away is something that we as Americans can hardly even begin to grasp. They are told that if they leave that their families will be killed and thus the must perform their "duties." To think that these girls have more sexual experience than most adult women these days is horrifying. It is like thinking of that little girl in your neighborhood who is playing with dolls and going into the 3rd grade will the next day, be swept up to become a slave to men who will abuse her horribly and not doing anything about it. It is time to give a voice to the unheard cries of the young boys and girls that have no voice.

Culture & Religion

Christian music... when we think of this we think that there is no way that it can be taken and used in a wrong way. It is often the way people worship God and express their love for Him. On the other hand, there is way too many times when the focus becomes all about the music and not about the one to whom it is directed to. It becomes about entertainment, voices, guitars, drums, and so on. It looses what it was meant for. It was meant to glorify the Lord and not worry about all of those things. Yes, they do add to the experience, but it is a place of the heart. I know someone who is consumed with music. She is all about the new Christian worship songs and always looking to see what else she can sing in front of people. The whole concept of why it was created has completely been lost on her. It is a sad thing and one that I think needs to be addressed more in the Christian musical world.

I think that this is a question that Christians need to ask these days. Why is it that so many people have no interest in the Christian faith and consider all Christians to be hypocrites? Simply stated: because most Christians do not act like one. I keep coming back to this idea time and time again. Too often Christians keep in their own little comfortable bubble of the church and never venture out of it. This is not attractive to the unbeliever. Neither is saying one thing and acting another. I believe a huge step is to actually take time to be involved in the lives of those around us. To show a genuine interest and live life side by side with those who are not of the Christian faith. It seems as though the whole idea of practicing what we preach is what is needed in this case. We preach all about the love of God and how He ministered to the least of these, and yet, how many times do we walk past those on the side of the road and not give them a second glance. How often do we hear of someone in need and turn away. If I was seeing this, I don't think I'd want anything to do with Christianity either. Time to practice what we preach...