Penn Jillette: Let's Take the Christ Out of Christmas

Atheist author and magician Penn Jillette asks why we can't use the word "holidays" instead of "Christmas" to be more inclusive. 

Here's a little bit of context to catch you up on this year's "War on Christmas."

Christmas may be a federal holiday, but that does not impose religion on you, Bill O'Reilly told Atheists for America President David Silverman. That is because Christianity is not a religion, but a philosophy, O'Reilly said. Jon Stewart had some fun with this one: "You just handed that atheist another thing he can't f**king believe," Stewart said. 

What is the difference between religion and philosophy?

"I like a lot of Jesus' philosophy -- love your neighbor, a little cheek-turning, stone not-casting," Stewart said. "But while I can get an A in his philosophy class, I don't get to go to the after party." 

In the video below, atheist author and magician Penn Jillette says he wants everyone to be invited to the party -- the party being an American holiday "that really includes all Americans." Everyone can celebrate the winter solstice. Everyone can celebrate the holidays. So Jillette asks why we don't just call it that -- the "holidays" instead of "Christmas" -- and make it more inclusive?  

Watch the video here:

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