Did you know you can raise money without having a business plan? You can get publicity for your idea without knowing anyone. You can find love even if you think you're too busy.

These are just a few of the revelations from Miki Agrawal's new book, Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business & Live Happily Ever After

Agrawal speaks from experience.  She has founded successful ventures while pursuing her passions and says "I wrote this book because I wish someone had told me earlier that this kind of life was possible, and perhaps in reading this, you can find the answers that I had been seeking for so long....This book is the road map that I wish I had been given when I graduated from college."

Agrawal will be appearing in Big Think's studio this week for an interview. If you have questions for Agrawal, leave them in the comments below.