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The Only Sane Response to Change

Don’t lament change, find the opportunity in it.

Whenever you see a problem, I say to look for the opportunity in it. When change occurs it unsettles people. It disrupts. 

There is only one sane response to change. It’s not to try to stop it. It’s not to ignore it. It’s to find the opportunity in it because the change is inevitable.

There are huge opportunities to disrupt the media industry and in fact, these days many industries, retail, travel, education, everything. 

Technology is changing the fundamental rules of how they operate. Some legacy players will figure out how to adapt and will adapt, but there is opportunity in seeing where they can’t adapt, what they don’t know, who they’re too big or too slow or too protective of their old models.

If you can find some new way to attack a problem better, more efficiently, less expensively, faster, then do it because if you don’t do it someone else will.

If you look today at books, magazines and newspapers online or on tablets they’re still recognizable as books, magazines and newspapers. 

We haven’t really reinvented things enough. 

Jeff Jarvis will be appearing at Techweek Chicago on June 27. Find out more here


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