This company scraped social media to feed its AI facial recognition tool. Is that legal?

If its claims are true, Clearview AI has quietly blown right past privacy norms to become the nightmare many have been fearing.

Image source: pathdoc/Shutterstock/Big Think
  • Recent reporting has revealed the existence of a company that has probably scraped your personal data for its facial recognition database.
  • Though social platforms forbid it, the company has nonetheless collected personal data from everywhere it can.
  • The company's claims of accuracy and popularity with law enforcement agencies is a bit murky.
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The Way You Speak Reveals Your Subconscious Stress

We know that body language reveals a lot. But language is an even bigger tell if you know what to look for. 

"You're tearing me apart, Lisa!"

I can read your face better than you can. The same holds true for you. While the role of mirror neurons is still not well understood (and sometimes disputed), the fact that we can tell what another person is feeling, often more quickly than they can, is a consequence of being a social animal. This transcends facial expressions. We read bodies all of the time. For example, if we meet for the first time and I cross my arms, I’m more likely to trust you if you follow suit and cross yours. If we’re in a group and you’re the only one who doesn’t follow this pantomime, I’m less likely to trust you. Social cues have been tried and tested for a long time, so much so they don’t need to be consciously understood to be effective. 

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A.I. Can Produce Images of Your Face Using Only Genetic Data

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What if a computer could generate a realistic image of your face using only your genetic information?

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