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Biometrics Goes Mainstream

The widespread use of biometrics will change how we see our health and fitness and open up new vistas for the health care industry.

Biometrics will begin reaching a mainstream audience, and that will change how we see our health and fitness and open up new vistas for the health care industry and personal control around health and wellness.

We will see the beginning of the end of the wallet as it begins to move into our smart phones in ways that make it clear what’s happening to the common observer.

Virtual currencies will start to move outside of virtual worlds and social games into other media experiences.

We’ll see a flood of online marketplaces that helps us make better economic use of currently under-used personal assets such as cars, extra rooms in your house, tools and toys in your garage, and under-used corporate assets like empty conference rooms, limos + town cars, reservations at restaurants and spas, airline seats, etc.

We’ll see a government crack-down on online diploma mills that make outsized profits by leveraging federal education grants and naïve, hard-working, aspiring students who think the degree will make more of a difference than it does.

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Local businesses and communities will begin to be transformed by digital tools and local communities coming together online.

The iPad will transform face to face sales conversations both in business to business pitches and in business to consumer pitches.

James Currier, Technology Entrepreneur and Chairman of Medpedia.

Image courtesy of Flickr user frostnova.


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