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Strange Maps

278 – Ice Coffee Town, the Netherlands


This is a print ad for a Dutch brand of ice coffee, the slogan of which is: ‘The Ice Cold Coffee Kick For On the Road’. The drink’s interest for itinerants is underscored by the product’s placement on a city map. The city might appear Dutch, with all that water coursing through the city center in the form of canals, but is in fact an imaginary construct: one doesn’t really need to strain one’s eyes to see the young lady emerge from the city plan to drink from the cup of ice coffee. A nice piece of zoomorphic cartography, which is fairly rare on a street-level scale. Some other examples discussed in earlier posts include Europe As A Queen (#141), Asia As A Horse (#165) and Scotland as a gallant piper (#181).


Thanks to Gérard van Teeffelen for sending in this image.



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