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Top 5 Advantages of On-Demand Video Training

Professional learning programs are important to any business or organization because they help to enhance your existing workforce by instilling new knowledge and skills. When it comes to creating learning programs for your business or organization, there are many things to consider, including

  • Goals you wish to accomplish;
  • Types of skills or knowledge you want employees to gain;
  • Costs or budgetary limitations; and
  • The best method or learning platform for your company.

Some different methods include traditional face-to-face (F2F) instructor-led learning, online learning, blended learning programs, massively open online courses (MOOCs), and video learning programs.
In this world of short attention spans and dwindling budgets, it is vital to find content that not only meets your financial constraints but also engages your audience. This where an effective and engaging video learning program can meet your needs.
Learning solutions can be an advantage for your organization in several ways, including:

1) On-Demand Video Training When (and How) You Need It

Modern-day Contemporary culture is all about convenience and efficiency — your organization’s professional learning and development opportunities should be, too. With digital learning solutions from Big Think+, content is available at your employees’ fingertips when they want or need it.
Additionally, you no longer have to choose in-person or online only learning — this multimedia learning content can easily integrate with any of your face-to-face training programs to create a blended learning environment.
Big Think+’s standard and custom course options integrate a variety of learning activities that help your employees practice and apply what they learn to their work. These activities can include:

  • Short-form videos from leading industry experts;
  • Guided group discussions;
  • Informal evaluations to see what knowledge or skills have been gained;
  • Structured self-reflection opportunities; and
  • Step-by-step processes for how participants can apply what they have learned.

Additionally, your users can enjoy a seamless experience through by either integrating Big Think+ with your existing learning management system (LMS) or by using a co-branded learning portal. It is all about tailoring the experience to meet the needs of your users and organization as a whole.

2) Online Learning Videos Provide the Content You Want

One of the greatest benefits of on-demand video training is the sheer versatility of its offerings. With on-demand online learning programs from Big Think+, our instructional design team will put together a customized program of relevant and expert content that is tailored to meet your organization’s goals and needs.
These video learning solutions include a variety of short-form videos that feature diverse experts from across many industries. Edge experts, who share their personal reflections and lessons they have learned, include everyone from CEOs and business leaders to researchers, designers, authors, and scientists.
A unique benefit of Big Think+ is that, in addition to having access to our extensive library of more than 1,000 videos from more than 3,000 experts, you also have the option of creating your own expert video library using leaders within your own organization.

3) Video Learning Solutions Are Cost-Effective

When a leader hires an industry professional to come to their business to speak or teach on a particular subject, there are certain costs associated with that training. Moreover, if an employer instead elects to send their employees off for training to a conference across the state or even in another state (or country), even higher costs will quickly begin to mount in the form of hotel room bills, meals or per diem pay, vehicle rentals, and gas reimbursements — not to mention the cost of the training itself.
When you opt to use on-demand training solutions, no one needs to come to you or go somewhere else. You’ll have access to concise video content from world-renowned experts at a fraction of the cost of traditional learning methods.

4) On-Demand Training Creates an Engaged Learning Culture

By developing a learning culture within your organization, you will get your employees excited about and engaged with learning. Find and develop the right learning program for your organization to feed that interest.
A true learning culture is one that promotes a “growth mindset” in all employees regardless of rank or title.
You can develop an effective and engaging learning culture within your organization by:

  1. Thinking outside of the classroom;
  2. Encouraging creative solutions, even if they could fail;
  3. Welcoming dissenting opinions;
  4. Rewarding employees who contribute to the learning culture; and
  5. Getting buy-in from the CEO and management.

Having a custom and flexible learning platform can help you to accomplish your goals.

5) Online Video Learning Programs Scale with Your Company

Companies of all sizes can benefit from on-demand training that scales with their organization as it grows. With Big Think+’s online learning platform, you can add new videos or create new courses with a variety of industry experts to help meet your organization’s learning needs as your business grows.
For an example of how Big Think+ scales with organizations, check out the case study about our work with Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global scientific leader with more than 50,000 employees across 50 countries. The company wanted to find a way to scale the best of their instructor-led training on a digital, mobile-friendly platform. To meet their needs, Big Think instructional designers partnered with the client’s team to create a five-module, 10-week course with three virtual, instructor-led sessions titled “Leading High Performance Teams.”
The program was a success — 95% of videos were watched at least 75% of the way through, and employees engaged in active discussion, writing 23,000 words on the discussion boards (an average of nearly 130 words per participant). Due to the success of the program, Thermo Fisher rolled the course out globally and added more virtual courses to their internal offering, pairing their virtual instructors with Big Think+’s video lessons and learning platform.
Big Think+ prides itself on being a resource that helps companies get smarter, faster. We help our clients by providing the knowledge and skills that employees at every level need to be more engaged, happy, motivated, and productive.
Learn what Big Think+ and our team of learning experts can do for your organization. Request a demo today.

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