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Master Your Craft

In this video, Malcolm Gladwell, staff writer with The New Yorker magazine and author of four New York Times bestselling books, discusses what separates “geniuses” from the rest. In addition to putting in countless hours of work, Gladwell highlights the importance of being proactive, learning to deal with the inner critic that causes people to choke, taking responsibility for things that you can control, and finding a good, supportive learning community if you want to master your craft and be recognized as such.
As Gladwell says in the video, “popularity is only a tiny fraction of the universe of things that are great.” Here, he’s making a point about how there are so many people and ideas that are brilliant, but never reach mass appeal. To get your ideas recognized and be acknowledged, you have to be proactive—in other words, true masters of the craft aren’t just good at executing work… they’re also good at bringing their ideas to the fore.
Watch the video for more of Malcolm’s insights into mastering your craft!

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