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Monika Brown

Hi everyone! I'm Monika. I'm 14 and a high school freshman. I love animals more than anything in the world, and I have a lot of pets. At the moment, I have a dog, a cat, five rabbits, and two betta fish. I volunteer at a nearby animal rescue group. My hero is Doctor E. J. Finnochio because of everything he's done to help animals. When I'm an adult, I plan on being an animal cruelty investigator. I like Western-style horseback riding, although I still have to work on it a little. A lot of people don't understand my personality, but I don't really care because I like who I am. I also love music, mostly alternative rock. My favorite band is 30 Seconds To Mars, and I think I'd die if I couldn't listen to them for some reason. I'm a very social person and I love my friends. I always say that unless you're one of my close friends, you'll never understand our inside jokes or why we act completely insane. ;P As for my likes, I like traveling, especially to New Hampshire. I also like photography, drawing, anime, writing, nature, reading, and laughing. If you can make me laugh, you've pretty much got me. ^_^ My dating life has never been that, uhhhhh.....yea. Well, all of that pretty much says it all. Other than that, I'm Irish, Italian, Lithuanian, Scottish, and British. I'm taking Italian this year, so instead of good-bye, how about.... Arrivederci!!!