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Michael Broker

I am retired and live on 106 acre farm in Central Missouri. My career included teaching Jr. and Sr. High School, Mid-Management positions in manufacturing, Human Resources Management in both Public and Private Sector; and Part-time teaching at the College Level. I have a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Science Degree from a Mid-West University. My retirement evolves around my family, my faith and my love of the outdoors. I hunt, fish and garden. I also love to help others when I can. I grew up in a small rural town before we had electricity, plumbing and central heating (to name a few of the conveniences of today). I have lived in the city but returned to the country where I know my neighbors and can enjoy breathing unpolluted air. I still get excited and grab my camera for shots of another fantastic sunset or sunrise. I am delighted to be where I am, both geographicly and lifestyle-wise.