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Kirsten Winkler

EDUjournalist, EDUconsultant and EDUpreneur

Covering education 2.0 in blogs and video interviews with movers and shakers since 2009.

IEPs shouldn’t just be about “Special Ed”

This is a guest post by Chris Dawson. Chris is a consultant, researcher, and freelance writer specializing in technology platforms that support education and healthcare. A longtime educator and activist, Chris […]

The Internet builds a Goddamn Tesla Museum

There is an interesting new campaign growing like wildfire on Indiegogo right now. After successfully completing his Bear Love Good. Cancer Bad. campaign last month, Matthew Inman aka The Oatmeal […]

The End of Language Learning?

Mobile apps, learning communities and services on the Internet now offer a far more effective and also cheaper way to do these tasks as a student.

Robots in the Hallway

One year ago I wrote an article for Big Think with the title walking across campus whilst sitting on your couch in which I introduced my readers to the AnyBot, […]

Top Tier vs Low Cost in Education

Online education only seems to know two markets these days. Whether you look at companies who offer solutions for individual or lifelong learners, but also in the K-12 space and […]

Why Pearson should build its own Tablet

I think, there is little doubt that tablet devices have drastically changed the way a growing part of the population is consuming content. My iPad has quickly become my main […]

Is Google working on Computerized Eyewear?

Rumors and, according to 9to5Google, even evidence is surfacing that Google is testing out a new physical product on its campus, Google Glasses.  9to5Google already wrote about this project back […]