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john lacroix

  • I  have been struggling for ssi d for 5 years and I am fed up. I was injured Aug 6 2002 when a 300 gallon wter tank broke my neck. 3 months later a tornado took out the home i rented while I was in it . Since its been a nitemare. I have tried to gain usefull work but at the age of 50 and the injuries that ive have sustatained I  am not able to do what i use to. Before i got really hurt (and i was hurt before on jobsites ) . I still tried to find gainful employment. When its all said  and done I am a homeless vetran trying to prove i am hurt and  being pushed to the edge of reason . I dont want drugs just for doctors to say damn boy you been through the wringer. Yeah right like thats going to happen! Before all the pain and tramatic experience I rescued wolves from humans and lived a normal life.