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Claudiu Popa

CEO & Principal Risk Advisor, Informatica

Claudiu Popa is the Chief Executive Officer of Informatica Corporation, an industry leading management consulting firm focused on information asset protection, advisory services and strategic consulting within governance, risk management and compliance (GRC).

Mr. Popa oversees the strategic direction of the company with a focus on executive advisory programs, partnerships, educational programs and media relationships. He is directly involved in the development of systems, methodologies and programs that deliver increasing value and innovation to an exclusive clientele across North America.

Mr. Popa has been described as a champion of causes involving information risk, including breach notification legislation, individual privacy rights and the protection of enterprise information assets.

He is a published author and respected authority within his field, routinely approached by media and notable publications such as the CBC, CityNews, GlobalTV, the Globe and Mail, the Financial Post and numerous technology trade publications.

Mr. Popa routinely works with respected industry bodies to further the security and privacy profession while delivering innovative solutions to an evolving industry. He enjoys contributing to community programs and works actively to support a select group of charitable organizations.



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